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muffin oil painting of dog by suzanne hindlejpgI believe the relationship between humans and animals is the most honest relationship we experience. Our animals reflect who we are, and our interaction with them – in sadness, grief and happiness – gives us more of a connection to our environments.

I am inspired by the loving relationship between humans and animals. I capture in my art not the animal but the soul, personality, and character.  A moment in time to be preserved forever on the canvas.

This is not a passing fancy for me. In Africa, I have rendered the animals native to their landscapes; in Italy, added depth to my work through sculpture and photography, always on the same theme of animals, and in England, avidly photographed and painted animals with their owners

Ever since I remember I have been an artist, seeking to find the truth in the scenes I paint. My style can be described as beau ideal – beau from the French for “beautiful” and ideal, as in our ideals of what and who we are.

In the pursuit of the beau ideal, I will travel to you to capture that perfect moment between you and your dog or cat or simply your pets alone.   Seizing that authentic moment between your pet, and preserving it on canvas, both intrigues and inspires me. Whether at play, enjoying a quiet moment, sharing grief or loss or merely being together, you and your pet will receive attention in a portrait that goes beyond the mere picture, but reveals the soul of who you are together. In particular, I am keenly interested in the connection between children and pets – both innocent and joyful – they each act to complement the other in spirit and in real life.I will also paint pets by themselves in a passive moment or in play, always striving to bring out the personality of the animal.


Portraits are a love of mine from early childhood.. drawing, photographing, sculpture or painting a portrait of a person is a beautiful way of expressing their soul and colors in the skin tones and of sunlight on their hair.  Their uniqueness!!! What makes them special from all the maddening crowd!  What is their passion!!! My portraits will enhance everything beautiful and priceless in the walk of your life. 

Peeling back layers to bring out the true nature of anything - in colors - in beauty – in drama...and in passion!!!! --that is the essence of what I pursue in my art.

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