Artist's Statement and Bio


I capture in my art gentle sensitivity and peacefulness. Beau ideal is what I paint, photograph, or sculpt. The richness and fullness of life can be seen in my different collections.  Painting is a way of expressing the great pleasures of life.  I am inspired by the loving relationship between humans and animals.  My colors are seen in each painting by a pallet that most represents the magnificent period in time.  The photographic collections are from my travels.  Often spontaneous, documenting the classic themes of life in today's world.  I am an artist because of the gift of life and the path of the moments that touch us all. 
-- Frances Suzanne Hindle



Ever since Frances Suzanne Hindle remembers she was an artist. Suzanne’s artistic path began as a child self-taught.  She would draw large pictures of Santa Claus, instruct and direct neighbors to color the pieces, and into her first art sale.  Ms. Hindle studied art and photography extensively at Miami-Dade College and Florida International University.   The emphasis in photography involved black-and-white development, color, composition, and lighting.      

When Ms. Hindle moved to England, she continued painting.  Suzanne also received honorary awards in black and white photography, developing out of her own lab.  She avidly photographed many hunting dogs with their owners.  Shooting Gazette Gallery printed a group scene that Ms. Hindle shot in a Sussex hunt. 

To continue her development as an artist, Ms. Hindle studied sculpture and oil painting under Nilda Comas, internationally renowned sculptor and portrait painter, in Italy and the US.  In 2015, Ms. Hindle did an apprenticeship with Nilda in  Pietrasanta, Italy.  This apprenticeship broadened her eyes in immeasurable ways in sculpture and marble.  Sculpting and painting pets are so admired that her pieces are sought by private collectors.

FS Hindle artist in her studio
FS Hindle in her studio

Background photograph by:
Frances Suzanne Hindle